Unique handmade crocheted, knitted & sewn designs by:

Brandy Coffey

OOAK Handsculpted Mini Polymer Clay Babies Photo Gallery

**All designs are my original idea, please be considerate of my hard work and do not copy it.  Thank You.**

These are tiny babies, hand sculpted from Prosculpt & Perfect Finish polymer clay,

that I have made. I use no molds, just my hands, tools & imagination, so they are truly

One of a Kind. They are not perfect, but they made me smile when I finished & named them. Before

they go to their new homes, they each get accessories all made by me. They

range in size from 2.25" to 5.5" long and have been sculpted from about 2011 to the present. There are

some that just do not become whole babies, or get squished. This page is just my completed full babies, not including

those that did not get to become someone. All of these little ones are in a new home.s.

*~*Finn*~*-adopted                                  *~*Dani*~* -adopted


*~*Liam*~*-adopted                            *~*Emmie*~* -adopted


              *~*Kylie*~*-adopted                                   *~*Cally -3rd Place PCB OOAK Tea Cup Baby Challenge*~* -adopted


*~*Berry Brambles the baby Elf*~*-adopted                        *~*Alexander*~* -adopted


*~*Johnny's Hope*~* Created for the John W. Chapman Heart Fund  -adopted

*~*Morgan*~*-adopted                                *~*Bailey*~*-adopted


*~*Cameron*~*-adopted                                *~*Micah*~*-adopted


*~*Taylor*~*-adopted                             *~*Noelle*~*-adopted


*~*Simon*~*-adopted                    *~*Maddie*~*-adopted


*~*Dawn*~*-adopted                    *~*Erin*~*-adopted


*~*Katie*~*-adopted                            *~*Natasha*~*-adopted


>*~*Faith*~*-adopted                    *~*Lily*~*-adopted



The following clay babies are approximately 5 inches long. They were sculpted

by a friend and extremely talented artist, DOROTHY STEVEN - of Dot's Tiny Tots. Each outfit

was handmade by me.

Look for Dorothy's babies on ebay under the ID: laurib1

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